Larkspur seeds

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Description :

  1. Larkspur blossoms appear in shades of pink, white and deep blue. The leaves of these plants are lacy and dark green. The larkspur flowers symbolize an open heart and can be associated with romantic feelings.
  2. Larkspur is also known as Delphinium consolida belongs to the buttercup family.Larkspur are tall which makes it a good choice for fence lines and the back of the border.Its varieties range in height from one to seven feet.
  3. Larkspur plants grow well in full sun, as long as the soil is slightly moist. The best season for blooming larkspur is  through early fall until the first frost. Fall seeded larkspur will grow through the fall and remain green until the coldest weather of winter when they will lose their color and go dormant. When warm weather returns, they will emerge from dormancy and begin growing.
  4. The Germination time for Larkspur is 20 to 30 days.

Larkspur Seeds Specifications :

Product Name Larkspur Seeds
Common Name Delphinium consolida
Plant Type Annual Plants
Colour  Red, Pink, Violet And White
Height 1 to 3 feet
width 6-16 inches
Blooming  Time Summer through Fall
Soil Retirement Light, Well-draining soil,slightly moist
Watering Requirement Twice in a day 
Sunlight Requirement Full sun to partial shade
Fertilizer Apply  or Use any organic fertilizer


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