Krish 12, Self Watering Plastic Pots (Set of 3) 5 Inches (12.7 Cm)

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Self-watering pots can be the best way to grow some plants. By providing a consistent level of moisture directly to the roots of plants, self-watering pots can increase plant health. Self-watering containers are also the perfect solution if you travel and can’t keep up with the watering needs of your plants.Self watering pots use sub-irrigation to deliver water directly to plant roots.

About Product

-Easy Plant Care and Worry Free Vacation.
-Watering Level Indicator.
-Happy and Healthy Plants.
-Seepage and Stain Free.
-No to Mosquito Breeding.
-Water and Time Saver.


Self watering yes
Height 5.5 inch(13.8 cm)
Pot capacity 1.25 litre
Diameter (upper) 5 inch
Diameter (lower) 4 inch

Places for Self-watering pots:

Indoor, Outdoor, Terrace, Table etc.

Uses of Self-watering pots:

All type of indoor and outdoor plants.


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