Gazania seeds

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Description :

  1. Gazania blooms from June to November. Blooming of each flower-head lasts for about three weeks. Gazania flowers are ideal for any gardener who is looking for a high-impact bloom that doesn’t require much maintenance.
  2. Gazania plants don’t mind the heat that radiates off the pavement, so you can include them in your sidewalk garden or alongside your could grow to an approximate height of 15cm and a spread of 30cm.
  3. They produce large, daisy-like composite flowerheads in brilliant shades of yellow and orange, over a long period in summer. it required soil type of Sandy, dry, well-drained.

Gazania Seed Specifications :

Product Name Gazania Seed
Common Name Treasure flower
Plant Type Perennial Plants
Colour  Red, Orange, White, Pink, Yellow
Height 6 to 12 inches
width 6-12 inches wide
Blooming  Time Early summer through early fall
Soil Retirement Well-drained soil
Watering Requirement Every two weeks throughout summer
Sunlight Requirement Full sun
Fertilizer Apply  or Use any organic fertilizer

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  1. Ananthu M P (verified owner)

    none of them germinated not even Single

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