Sweet pea seeds

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Description :

  1. Sweet pea is the common name for Lathydorus odoratus, Sweet pea plants are mainly grown during the summer. However, some species are quite hardy, and can often bloom during the late spring.
  2. The sweet pea is an annual flower grown in cool maritime or mountain climates, and brings forth its beauty all summer. Hundreds of varieties of sweet pea have been developed and are grown as garden ornamentals or are grown commercially for the floral industry.
  3. Sweet peas are vining plants that climb vigorously — six to eight feet over fences and other supports.

Sweet pea Seed Specifications :

Product Name Sweet pea Seed
Common Name Lathyrus odoratus
Plant Type Annual Plants
Colour  Red, Pink, Blue, White and Lavender
Height 3 to 8 feet
width Climbs to 8 feet
Blooming  Time March or mid-April
Soil Retirement Rich, Moist soil
Watering Requirement Heavy irrigation once a week
Sunlight Requirement Full sun
Fertilizer Apply  or Use any organic fertilizer


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